Volunteer - architect or construction/contract builder

Hi, you might have seen my intro post from earlier today wanting to get some feedback on assisting the NGO I work for out of Wat Damnak.

While there's a bit of water to flow under the bridge and I'm looking forward to discussion & ideas from the ex-pat community, in the meantime we are very keen for an architect or someone with construction experience to help check-in occasionally with a building project that is happening right now.

Will the builders follow the plans? Who knows. Will the work be quality? Not sure. Will they charge us double? Perhaps. Will local officials need a kick back? Its likely.

This is why we need someone to just keep an eye on it for us, contact me if you think you could help. Just an hour here and there.

Hello Life and Hope,

I invite you to post an offer in the Jobs in Siem Reap > Construction & Civil Engineering section of our website.



Hello, as stated, volunteer Architect it would mean?
In as much as I want to render my professional expertise, I would prefer a full-time work with renumeration as I have a family to support in the Philippines.
Let me know soon.

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