Sounding out - volunteers and mentors

Hi, new member here. I'm volunteer coordinator and Communications manager at an NGO in Siem Reap, a role I've had for almost 3 years. I've also been on the board since last year.

I work remotely - am rarely here in town - and thought an introduction and a discussion might result in some mutual benefit, hence this initial "sounding out" - not for a position as such, which is why I've posted as a question, but I'll explain.

This Buddhist Monk led NGO runs a few programs from our office in Wat Damnak, mostly aimed at assisting the most vulnerable in the community - educating, alleviating poverty and providing assistance like housing, emergency relief etc in SR and the immediate region.

Basically over the last 9-10 years we have sought volunteers from overseas, this has worked OK most of the time, but as our needs have become more specific and our ability to manage volunteers with our limited resources has reduced, now I'm thinking of other ways to ensure our programs can continue.

Coupled with the fact that the creep of western culture into Cambodia (yes you and me) has made it harder to retain staff (including our monks, who are disrobing at quite a rate to go and experience "life" and thre world) and we're struggling to run our programs and administration effectively.

So I'm after some initial thoughts I guess - is occasional volunteering in a variety of roles and mentoring of Cambodian students something you think the local ex-pat community could assist with?

Perhaps a donation of a few hours a week by someone permanent and local is a better than part-time or full-time for 1-3 months from a traveller?

Open to your thoughts.

Oh Derek is my name BTW

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