Can I post a link here for fundraising for a good cause ?

I came across a a family who is desperately trying to raise funds on a fundraising platform and I have decided to help so I want to reach out and spread the word to as many wonderful people as possible, Can I do so here ?

I cant answer that question but would like to hear more details ...........

Officially it's not allowed to post extern links unless it's useful for others, like government's websites about visa for example.

But if it's for a good cause you can try and maybe the mods decide in your favour.
Or to be sure, contact them before posting.
You can find them below the page.

Thanks  :)  @ GetsHolidays and Primadonna. I will get back .

Hello glittershimmer :cheers:

There are websites such as crowdfunding that have better tools and is most suited for fundraising.

On the forum we allow only threads about expatriation.

If the fundraising is for 'a good cause' you could always drop an advert in the Classifieds section of the site :top:


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