Have British kids, under 14 years, Living with me.

Hello, I need help with visa application to the UK. I've two British daughters, their father is British. Though we were married, we have separated. My children have British passports. I want to know what kind of visa I've to apply for, to be able to go to the UK with my daughters. I'm from Africa. Thanks

Hi Elsina,

It depends on why you are intending to travel to the UK. If this is a holiday or to accompany your children while they visit their father or other relatives in the UK, the appropriate visa seems to be the "Standard Visitor Visa" (

[You will need to provide evidence of your finances as well as accommodation and flight bookings and, if possible, evidence that you are not seeking to settle in the UK after arriving as a tourist, such as a reference from your employer. Unfortunately the UK Home Office is very suspicious these days.]

If you do plan to settle in the UK with your children, then I believe you will need to apply for the "Family of a Settled Person Visa" - check the criteria here to see if it matches your situation: I have no personal experience with this visa as a parent but there is normally a financial requirement.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the feedback.

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