Music Education in Mauritius

Good Day all.

we are currently considering a move to Mauritius in mid 2017 and although I am a music educator myself  _ my daughter plays the Violin - which is not one of my instruments.

So ..  are there any Violin teachers in Mauritius?

Secondly - is there any scope for me to teach music from birth to 7 years?  - I taught 'Kindermusik' for 5 years in South Africa.

Hello, yes you can get violin lessons here: … index.html

There may be other venues I would think.

There are also a lot of teachers who advertise private tuition too so you could probably try that route.

Wandlewed - thanks for the link...  do you know where private tutors advertise ? Would I have to be on Mauritius to find the adverts or are there other avenues to discover teachers?

You're welcome. Private tutors are often word of mouth but also small adds in shop windows, telegraph poles etc. You can post an add on this site, I think under classifieds, too.

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