Getting more value out of our experiences - survey for a thesis.

Hi Everyone,

For a lot of us one of the big benefits of being an expat is the opportunity to be exposed to so many new people, cultures, surroundings,  and generally just the richness and amount of new experiences we get have.  I found that I have always been trying to figure out how to keep these experiences and the connections present as time goes by.  The thing is the things I do are important to me, and important to the people who I shared the experience with, but not always important to everyone I communicate with back home through regular channels.  So I built a tool (app) that that allowed me to capture things that were important to me (no matter how small), as well as a way of staying connecting with those people who I enjoyed the experience with (even if we only met in passing).

So anyway, I've been using it for myself for a few years, and I've been wondering if anyone else finds the idea useful.  Since the idea has interested me for some time I decided to use it as the focus for my final business school project (basically, a product concept assessment).

Since my reason for building the tool  was to address my unique needs which stem from living as an expat, I thought I would ask you if you could give provide me with your insight.

I have a survey that I'm using for my research analysis; it explores themes related to experiences, attachment, nostalgia, and social tool use.  If you have time I'd appreciated your input as an expat.  I promise, its easy: its anonymous, takes less than 10 mins, and is mostly multiple choice.

It's here:

Also, any comments you have about challenges in sharing with people back home, or capturing the things you do, or staying connected with those who you meet in your travels would be great.  Just respond here. 

Again much appreciated!  Thanks for your help.


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