Shipping car to PR?

I have read that it is a nightmare to ship your car to PR, but my car is relatively new and I would take a huge hit on it if I were to sell and would have to buy a lesser car.
My question is how much is the excise tax? When I went to the Haceinda website it gave an estimate on what the tax would be. After I picked myself off the floor, I noticed they were basing it off a value that was nowhere near the value of my car. KBB says my car is worth around $25,000 to $30,000, but the estimated tax was based off $45,000. Where do they get that number? I wish it was valued at that then it would be a no brainier to sell.
Also, any tips about shipping would help.

Thanks. Looking to move to PR in November/December. Where to live is another topic I will post another day. So far I like Rincon and Cabo Rojo on West and Luquillo and Fajardo on East. … ID=R149240

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Just shipped a 2002 camry from NY to PR.... $1700 shipping and about $700 tax.... Tax is from Hacienda and depends on the year of the car.   They can verify appx cost.

This is the 3rd car I shipped and to date the best service.  They pick up at your home!!!

They pick it up at your home?!!  That is awesome. We were planing on driving from Massachusetts to Jacksonville next April. We still may but knowing this service is out there is great to know. Could save a lot of hassle.

I was looking into that same company. They will pick up on the West Coast and then ship to PR for around $1900. Saves us a drive across the USA.

Just worried about the estimated $12,000 tax. But it says it is estimating that the car value is way over the amount it is really worth.

Sounds like you may want to consider either giving them a call or selling the car.
What company picks you up at home?

I researched shipping companies and it was between Crowley and Puerto Rico Transport. With Crowley I will have to drive to Jacksonville, but Puerto Rico Transport has the option to pick up at your home. I live on the West Coast so this would save me a cross country drive. They quoted me around $900 for transporting car to Jacksonville and another $1100 to transport to San Juan.

I want to ship my jeep to PR.  BUT I have been told that it is common to have your car burglerized in transit.   My jeep has some costly add ons - driving lights, fog lights, winch, etc. etc.

Is there any way to be sure it won't be ripped off/striped ?   Can you get shipping insurance?   

How risky is it to ship??

Sitka, you may want to check into shipping the jeep in a container. Be prepared to pay extra for all the add ons.

Although I decided not to ship my 2015 GMC 1500 Crew Cab truck because of the total cost, I can tell you that I was quoted $2,800 from La Rosa Del Monte.  They pick it up from your residence and transport it to PR. My quote was from Dallas, TX area to PR.  If you go to the Hacienda website and put in your actual VIN# of the vehicle, it will give you a more precise tax estimate.

As far as the value goes, from my experience it is very high on newer vehicles.  I paid $40,000 for my truck brand new about a year ago and Hacienda website valued it at $55,000 now so the tax was going to be $5,500+.  It wasn't worth it in my opinion so we decided to keep the truck on the mainland to have something to drive when we visit.

Good luck to you!

Brian, did you check what would your exact truck cost in PR?
Just curious.

Just looked and you can purchase a brand new 2016 at GMC dealer for $43,057 with an MSRP of $50,655.

So more the reason not to ship, they are ripping you off on the value for tax purpose

The problem would be if BrianTX had to sell his vehicle and then try to repurchase the same vehicle in PR, he would be behind financially even after paying the steep tax. He is lucky that he can leave his truck in the states for when he travels back to the states. For me, even with high shipping costs and hefty Hacienda tax, I lose less money than trying to sell and repurchase comparable in PR.

TravelingJ that's a bad spot to be in but it sounds like you may be better off shipping it. You may already have this covered but just in case, I will mention it. If you have a lienholder on your vehicle, you'll need to get permission to take it to PR. From what I have learned, there aren't many financial institutions that allow it. I know USAA allows it but not sure who else.

BrianTX, thanks. I don't have a lienholder, it is paid off. So I am lucky in that respect.

I will be in that position, we still are making payments and wife is dead set on bringing her SS-Indigo (car is indigo color). No sure if they will let me ship or will have to pay it off first. Either way it will be shipped or I will never hear the end of it.

I have a question.   Will the tax, based on VIN#, be adjusted up if the vehicle has some non stock add ons ?  I.E. my jeep has some upgrades like non stock bumpers, winch, lights, wheels, etc??   :/

No idea, your best bet is to give them a call they do speak English.

There are like 200 dealerships around the whole island but I think Used and classic cars market are a steal...they are going cheap in many cases!!  I have some connections in the industry … ?isn=84412

THE definitive answer for hacienda.

I argued with Hyundai Finance until the day before my car was scheduled for pick-up. Thank god they made an exception (I'd bought the car 7 months before and was totally underwater on the loan!!). But I wouldn't trust them to do it again, it took at my lawyer skills to beg, bargain, plead, and threaten my way into getting it allowed. Another coworker had to sell his for a loss before coming down.

if the loan company does not allow the car to be shipped out of continental US, that can be a major issue. Not only do you have to pay the taxes at PR, but also having to pay the car in full can put a severe strain on the finances.

But selling the car can also be an issue, if you are selling your house likely you will not know when to sell the car until you have an offer with money down on the house and even then you have no guaranty that come moving day the car would be sold at a reasonable price. If you sell it too early you will need to rent a car which is not cheap either.

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