soon in kampala 😍

Hello everyone :)

Well first am so happy to finally have the chance of visiting Uganda, Kampala...
And it won't be just a visit, i'll stay there for 6 months starting from June 😍
Soo, i have some Qs:

-  internet on phones,, how expensive is that? How much does it cost/month

-  cycling in the streets, how much safe is it?

- there are shisha cafés or not really commom?

-  security wise for girls to walk or run alone at nights?

-  gym,, is it expensive to go for gym there?

-  sport clubs? I love playing badminton and ping pong, any recommendations of places?

Finally i'll be more than happy to meet you and create some good friends 😊

Hello Just Sara :cheers:

I invite you to browse the forum by categories to enlighten your queries :top:

Categories of the forum below have interesting infos:

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> Leisure and things to do in Kampala

You may also want to subscribe to the Networking in Kampala section of the forum to be notified whenever there are meet ups being organized around.

Wish you all the best during your stay in Kampala :top:


Hi Justsara!

Nice to see your post! I'll be in Kampala in August for a month. I'll probably buzz your around before that when you'd already be an expert in the area? ;)

Good luck!

Cool, thanks for your tips ;-)

Oh yes, i'll be waiting for that hehe :-)

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