Buying food online

Where is the best place to buy chicken online. Tried a few in HCM but disappointed with the product supplied. Understand that some people like a chicken with the feet and head still attached but most foreigners are used to the feet and head being removed. Still, leaving them on all keeps the weight higher which is what you get charged on.

I get mine from Organik shop at D2, they do have online shop and delivery. The brand is Go Cong, i believe it's free range chicken. They have choices from whole chicken or only breast cutlets/tenderloins/thighs. So far this is the only decent chicken I found in HCMC.
I have shopped around, even at the so called international butchers in D2, most of the chicken breast sold are kinda taste so salty, makes me wonder if it's a result from injecting saltwater to plump the chicken.

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