urgent moroccan indian married couples search

Hi everyone plz im searching for some moroccan women with indian husbands in india its urgent for some infos and thank u to help me out.

You could try to ask your questions on the forum.
It might save all that searching.

well thats my searching hhh its to know some interracial couples indian - morocco

Hi maybe my answer is late for u but i think i can help i m moroccan married to indian husband with europien nationality we living in india

sure ask me , I will be glad to help...

Hey I'm an Indian married to a Moroccan and we live in Bombay India.

I would like to contact you on whatsapp so as to gather more info. As I also reside in Mumbai.

I'm out of country but will be available post 9th of September ***

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Salam alaikum
I'm also planning to marry and Indian and   settle in Mumbai india..I'm moroccan girl
Can u tell us about your experience sister?

Ok proceed

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