meet English speaking people inNæstved/Sjælland area

Hi, my name is Linn, 25yr Dutch native that just started a new life in Næstved, Denmark. I love this country but find it quite hard to meet new people around here since I don't speak Danish very well. In the area I life there are not much English speakers that I know off. So if anyone in the Næstved/Sjælland area is up for a cup of coffee and a nice chat please let me know :D

Hello linnD :cheers:

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Hi LinnD

I would suggest to you that you find a voluntary job within your interest sphere. It is a good way to be integrated as you will meet many people this way and helping others always brings pleasure to yourself. A so-called win-win situation. Personally, I would prefer to work together with others on a shared project and let friendships grow this way.

Have a look at this site where you can find volunteer jobs: … p;opslag=2
E.g. these may be of  interest to you:  (Not sure if there is an office in Naestved, but try)

If you like cats, Inges Kattehjem, has a shelter in Næstved. The shelters make use of volunteer workers, and I am confident that they would welcome you with open arms.

There are also the Frivilligcenter. What is going on there, depends on the local volunteers, but take a look at it. Maybe people there will be a bit too old for you, but some times is deals more about a shared interest than about age.

I hope above suggestions have given you an idea of your possibilities.

Remember, that you're entitled to a free Danish language course. This will ease your possibilities to navigate in Danish society, and you will meet other people there (in the same boat?).


Thank you Nellie for your suggestions! Volunteer work is definitely something I'm interested in.

I actually don't live far from you, but am new in Denmark as Well. I speak English and I believe we can become good friends

Hi Linn,

My name is Dana and I'm a native English speaker from Scotland, living north of Slagelse. It's not so far from you. So if you ever wanted to meet in Slagelse, I would be interested :) I am turning 22 years old next month and have just moved from the other island, so I am also struggling to meet people in the area.

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