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Hi All
We are trying to rent a house in Toulouse.

I have my own UK business but no estate agent will go near us because it is not a French company / income.  This means they cannot take out the insurance in case we do not pay.

I am wondering if anyone has an idea how to get around this? We have offered to pay three months rent in advance but no interest at all.

In fact we are finding them rather rude and my wife is French. I cannot imagine what they must be like to deal with if you are not!


This is really strange here in France. We got visa to legally stay in this country with my family for 1 year which is renewable every year up to 5 years. I cannot work in France and all the real estate agencies ask for local income or personal guarantee.....what is the solution ??

Did you finally end up finding an apartment here in Toulouse or somewhere else in France ?

Really need your support !

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


This has complicated situations but I would say that going via a third party service like AirBNB or Morning Croissant would avoid any of this pain.

When I was owner of a flat in Strasbourg, I did do this and my tenant would be booking every month via AirBNB and in this case, everything was clean from a warranty perspective.

Have you solved your problem?

I have a house that I'd liked to lease. Fully furnished, south of Toulouse.
Modern architecture with breath taking views over the country side.

Kind regards

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