Schools for 4 yo?

Any suggestions on what school to choose for my 4-year old daughter? She speaks English and Spanish. Thanks!

You probably made a decision by now, but just in case it helps... My two daughters also speak English and Spanish and in the end we decided to enroll them in the French school. So far we quite happy with the decision and they are enjoying it. We didn't want to enroll them in schools were Catalan is taught in most classes for obvious reasons (we are quite international and we didn't want to limit our kids options in that sense)

I hope it helps a bit :)

Hi! Thanks for your reply. We want the French school for our daughter too, for the same reasons :-) Which French school do your daughters go too? What do you think about the one in Andorra la Vella and the one in La Massana? Those are the two we thinking of.
Thanks for your advice.

Hello Debbie,

Sorry for the late replay! :)  My daughters go the French school in Andorra La Vella and they enjoy it so far.  We like the teachers (for the most part)  and the selection of after school activities they offer. I cannot say much about the French school in La Massana but it is probably just fine too.
So where are you guys from? Have you been here for a while?

Have a great day,


Hi! The one in Andorra la Vella might be the one we will go for in the end. We hope the teacher she gets will be nice. We are coming from Spain and we have been here for a couple of weeks. How about you guys?

Hi there, my son is 5 too and speaks English and a bit of Spanish. We just moved a month ago and he is finding very difficult to adjust. Could you give me any advice?

Hello! What school does your son go to? Making friends with other parents might be a good way for your son to meet other children and make new friends. Going to after school activities might be another way for your son to make friends and like it here. Theres so many things you can do here. We really like it.  Hope this helps.

I think we all went through the same when we first moved here, but if you make it a point to get out and stuff,  everything will be just fine. My daughters struggled a bit in the beginning too, but once school started everything changed for them. It is important that you take him out to the local parks, where he will meet other kids including classmates. New friendships will quickly develop.  He will soon be improving his Spanish, picking up Catalán and even French which will help for sure interacting with a greater number of kids.
As somebody else mentioned here, meeting other parents with kids will also help.

We have been living here for just about 5 years and we still like it.

Thank you very much for your answer. Andorra looks like such a great place to live, I know my son will enjoy it here, it's a question of time and , as you said, getting out there and meeting people :-)

I think Andorra is a great place for kids, they get to do things they probably wouldn't in many other places. Things are just easier in so many ways.

We are always going from park to park on the weekends (Escaldes, La Vella, La Massana)If you guys would like to meet up sometime let me know!

Hello!!! You are right. Thats what we like about this place. Its child friendly and theres so many things you can do here for free or little money. We love it. It would be nice to meet one day. The kids could play together.
Anyway, hope all is good!!!

I absolutely agree! Great place for kids ... And adults too. Being able to walk to work is priceless ! Every morning I drop off my girls at school and then walk to work... First time ever I can actually do that. :) Are you guys into Skiing? And outdoor activities (hiking,etc)?
I too think it would be nice to meet one day and let the kids play! Just let me know when it is a good time for you. My number here is xxx.

Enjoy your weekend!


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