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Hi all,

  I recall a post from our friend James a while back stating that the Portuguese language test given for Brazilian citizenship varies from municipality to municipality. Does anyone have any more info on this? I am ready to apply for citizenship, the only concern for me is my Portuguese still isn't that great. I am trying to get an idea of how much more work if any I need to give it before applying. I am in Florianopolis in SC. If anyone has been through the process here before or has anything they think might be helpful please share. Thanks in advance. And RIP to the man James Woodward.

I am also curious about this ...
How good is your Portuguese exactly .
Mine is at a fairly good conversational level and I can even discuss and work with people on quite technical subjects , however I still miss an important word here or there or suddenly struggle to explain something fairly basic for lack of the right expression.
But I can manage everything required for day to day life , converse , follow orders and everybody understands me...well 85% of the time anyway :)

From what I've heard , which is practically 0 and what I imagine , it must be quite a difficult test , I believe you need to achieve a near native level of fluency and command of the language , otherwise everyone would be doing it.


  It sounds like you are more advanced than me for sure! If I had to rate myself from 1-10 I would give myself a 3.5 in Portuguese. That aside, I can function day to day pretty well. Sometimes I struggle a bit, but, for the most part I can get my point across. I know I have improved quite a bit because I almost never have to pull my phone out and use google translate anymore. But, I work from home so the amount of Portuguese required of me is far less than the average Brazilian.

I have read on some other blogs., some older and differing posts about the exam. Anything from, when the PF comes for the visit they just chat you up a bit and don't really give a test at all, to, they ask you to write a 100 word thing about yourself, to they just ask you 5 questions about why you want to naturalize and then ask you to take dictation of a paragraph from the constitution as someone slowly reads aloud. All seem easy enough, but, they are all pretty different. I would love to hear a first hand account from someone who has done this recently preferably in the Florianopolis region because I know it can vary from state to state.

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