Looking for friends in toulouse


My name is Glenda and I am from South Africa, i am   currently studying in Toulouse. I am looking for friends in Toulouse to possibly meet during weekends and explore Toulouse  and maybe plan trips in Europe. Thank you.....hope to get feedback!

A good idea would be to post in Toulouse forum

Good luck

Hello Glenda and welcome on board :cheers:

Your thread is now on the Toulouse Forum.

I invite you to subscribe to the networking in Toulouse section of the site to increase your chances to meet people around.


Hey Glenda, I am a 28 year old American and I am interested in exploring Toulouse as well. Are you still interested?

did you manage to meet any people?
My name is Maxim. I'm french and am back living in Toulouse after spending 3 years in Paris and one in England. I miss speaking english and would love to go out and have a drink with english speakers of any nationality. If you are already meeting up I would love to join you!

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