Question about visa procedure for family visit to Norway

I want to do visa paper for my mom to visit me here in Norway. And they require Guarantee paper but I'm student and my mom will pay all the fee so should I need to fill in Guarantee form from UDI? And there is a part about who will pay for the entire trip. Should I tick in the box?

Anyone has experience about this?


If she will pay all the expenses but will stay at your place, you can fill up the guarantor's form by just ticking the area where it says you will provide housing/place to stay.

But if she is staying in a hotel and will independently shoulder all the expenses, I think you don't need to have the guarantee paper. You will just need to give her your invitation.

That is what i thinl based on how i understood the process. If anyone has their experience feel free to share yours or correct me if I am wrong :)

I agree with Stephy. If she is staying with you, you will need to fill out the guarantee form for the relevant section and in the letter of invitation you need to outline that you will only be providing accommodation.
Remember that you need to get the invitation and guarantee form stamped by the police before you send it to your mother

Thanks for these information :)

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