Dealing with emergency situations in Egypt

Hello everybody,

Dealing with unexpected situations abroad can be a very difficult matter. In order to better help expats and soon-to-be expats in Egypt face such tricky situations, we invite you to share your advice and experience.

What are the key emergency numbers you should know by heart?

In the event of a legal problem, an accident, a natural disaster, an injury or the death of a close family member, what are the first things to do in Egypt?

What are the things to plan ahead in order to better cope with such unexpected situations (registration at the Embassy, transport, medical, comprehensive insurance for instance)?

If you have gone through such experiences in Egypt, do not hesitate to share your story.

Thank you in advance!


Be prepared to go through thick and thin to find anything out, in the case of a lawyer make sure you know he is genuine or has references from other clients, many see foreigners has money cows. Regarding accidents, heart attacks etc, again your chances of survival are very small, often enough you will arrive at the hospital and there are no Doctors to treat you. in the case of a death, you may has well commit suicide yourself the paperwork and the cost of going from place to place trying to get this paper and that paper is astronomical.  Medical Insurance is expensive and normally supplied by European companies, if you are over 60 there is no chance of getting life insurance or in fact any other form, you are recognised has being at the end of your life. Most of all you need the patience of "Jobe" to do anything, if you make an appointment, then go with the thought, the person will not turn up. Be prepared to fill in reams and reams of paper work, be prepared to pay tips to get things going faster, the more money you have here the quicker you will get what you want.

The main numbers you need to know, are for the Police, A good Lawyer, and your Bank.

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