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Hello, who knew about the c form ? This form is for foreigners who ll go to India and they should aproval their arrival to indian FRRO office because they need to know where we ll stay so any one know how does it work ?


I don't know how it works but I found two places where this is discussed. It seems to also have something to do with work, not only lodging. Happy info hunt!  :) … -31962.asp

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This form is for foreigner who visit in india its is
mandatory for all hotels. Should mention all deatils of
foreigner guest like Passport No., Date of Issue, Place of
Issue, Nationality, Came from, purpose of visit, duration
time stay in india, duration time stay in hotel, Whevther
he or she is emplyed in inda or not, Number , date and
office of issue certicate of Registration, Date of arrival
in hotel and time etc etc,. This form has to be sent in
Police Commissionr office within 24 hrs.

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