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Good day dear fellow expats..

Dino here..I will be flying to Bangkok in July 2016 to undertake a 120 hrs TEFL training..I will be staying in Silom area..After completion I am planning to search for a teaching job in Bangkok and aiming for a year teaching contract with any schools / colleges / universities there..So far this is all I got thought out..

I would highly appreciate if any of you experienced expats in giving me advice and tips on job search while I am there or even if you know any institutions that are looking for teacher..And yes I will do my share too in searching as I am keen to work in Bangkok to gain my experience and grow my potentials there..

Thank you so much for spending your time reading my post..Hope to hear good feed backs from you guys..

Hello dinorayyan :cheers:

I invite you to drop an advert of your job hunt in the Jobs offers in Bangkok section of the site for better feedback while waiting for some responses to tip in how you could proceed to find work.

Our Living in Thailand Guide is a must read also :top:


Hello Kenjee. :D

Thank you for responding to my post. Yes I have subscribed to the job offer in Bangkok section. I am really keen on moving to Bangkok for working purposes and help out the schools, colleges & universities there with my skills and services. I also think that is a great platform to meet experienced professionals living in Thailand especially in Bangkok. I hope my relocation there will be smooth. Thank you team.

check out

if you have a degree , you should have no problem getting a job
try to work directly for a school as agencies take a large whack out of your pay check.

the biggest road to success is to have realistic expectations
the education system here is unique and the sooner you accept that the better

get to know teachers who are not complainers and know how to get along
teaching can be great fun if you go with the flow and make the best of what you have

if you are one of these people who think they can change the world , you will be miserable

respect for your students and their culture is paramount

we are all  the same after all

Hey Buddy,

Thanks for the encouragement. I find your words most inspiring in the morning hour. Yes I will scout on too aside from going door to door once I am on Bangkok grounds. I am keeping my mind set very positive as I have been taking Thai classes for a some time and I can converse basic Thai to better myself in adapting to Thai culture.

I was informed about TOEIC, it's like an English competency test for international working application procedure. They say it helps to boost the chance of getting a job if you have this TOEIC exam done with good score. Might check that one out too when I'm in Bangkok.

Have a good day and cool avatar.haha.

don't call me buddy 
speaking Thai is a great way to integrate into the culture on many levels
some discourage it's use in English class
personally I'd love to speak Thai so I could help the weaker kids: I disagree with the above opinion 
respect from Thai colleagues also comes easier if you can chat to them in Thai

who told you to do TOEIC ?
this is the first time I've heard about this!
Only Filipinos are required to pass it  as far as I know.
before wasting your money check some ads to see exactly what is required
be aware of establishments that offer courses at a reduced rate if you work for them on completion of the course
compare the salary they will be offering and the duration of the contract 

a CELTA is required by many schools.
this takes a month and is worth every penny  depending on the teacher trainers of course
some years back I did mine at ECC in Siam Square Bangkok
the teacher trainers were amazing

some schools offer insurance that is not very comprehensive
scrutinize the policy before signing on the dotted line

Okay noted.

I was told by a Thai friend about TOEIC and yes it was taken by a Filipino English teacher that is teaching in Phuket ECC. I will research on it more once I arrived in Bangkok. I did browse through about CELTA & DELTA from IH Bangkok website. It does look good to me but I have only got budget for TEFL certification with UEC at the moment. Maybe upon completion and I am more confident with the market demand I will consider.

Are you teaching in Bangkok if I may so politely ask. Your guidelines are so valuable at this point because I actually have no experience in dealing with schools there. On the other note I have been lecturing audio engineering since 2006 in colleges and universities in Malaysia. This move is to expand my potential because I really admire Thai culture and it's people thus inspiring me to teach Thai kids English. I hope Bangkok will be good to me.

been teaching high school  in Bangkok since 2004
took me a few years to get used to the blase attitude to study

not sure what you mean by expanding your potential

TEFL certification with UEC : make sure this is acceptable before you spend your money
email the folks at : they might be able to set you right

CELTA is enough for now
DELTA is a totally different beast

never having taught in Malaysia I can't comment
in saying that I'd hazard to guess more students there are serious about academia
totally different mind set

I studied with hard working Chinese students in England
I assumed Thai students would be the same
I got a big shock
You should check out what people say online about teaching here
Problem is many complain for the sake of complaining so it can be difficult to ascertain the real picture

I am aiming for lecturing in college and universities there on audio engineering after I have taken some time and I mean years of teaching English if permitted. I just need to do my ground research on what is available once I am there. I think of it as a back up plan for experience purposes that at whatever point in time I would be able to use my English teaching experience for working purposes aside from audio engineering.

To be honest, you are the only positive and informational person I am communicating with now. Mostly said other things that I'm not going to mention here. I will keep on the positive side because I love educating and helping young adults and kids. I'm not surprised now that you have been teaching since 2004 and the same time I am deeply honored and glad that I found you here.

I will read and research more on the reviews of teachers there. Oh and I am also a voice over talent. I love selling my voice at the studios for commercials and television slots. Do you think I can diversify my income aside from just teaching?

think I can diversify my income aside from just teaching?

I don't have a clue

knocking on doors : cyber or otherwise is the only way to find out

finding some means to advertize free is another option

in my limited experience universities pay less than high school


what are the semester like in thailand..when do they open class and close for holidays if i may ask..

an answer would be misleading
you plan to work in a university so it's probably different from highs school where I work

i'm keeping my options open.

do share the high school academic year.

i heard they close twice a year and there are heaps of holidays within every month.

especially songkran.haha.


I would like to offer you a job, as IELTS Teacher & IELTS Examiner position, basing in Baku, Azerbaijan.

If you are interested in this position, please, feel free to contact me for further and detailed information.

Thanks in advance!



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Dear Samira,

I am unfortunately unable to take up your kind offer as I am heading for Bangkok Thailand to search for English teaching job there and I want to base myself there for the upcoming years ahead. If you have jobs for me in Bangkok do let me know ya. Thank you again Samira Alexander.

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