Pensionado question

I am sitting here in Canada awaiting the arrival of my pensionado visa - applied for in mid-January. I think I will have to go to Panama when it arrives for a short visit for a picture. I am not ready to make the move right away, still need to work for a while to prepare.

My question is - are there any residency requirements (initially or long term) to maintain the visa status?  I could ask my lawyer of course but I don't want to bother her until we reconnect when the visa arrives.

Good question. We have our pensionado visas and live in Panama, but if we ever had to leave for any period of time, I wonder how long the visa remains in effect. I look forward to a clear answer to this question.

Apparently no one knows the answer. I will ask my lawyer and report back.

Here is the scoop: you need to visit Panama at least once every two years to maintain Pensionado status. Not too demanding!

The visa P visa has no expiration date for as I know. You just have to renew your E-cedula eavery 5 years

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