Moving back to US..need Visa attorney?


Living in Asia for the past 10 years and now in Singapore. My company has pulled a fast one and wants me to return at the end of the year. It is very little time to get my Veitnamise wife through the immigration process. Has anyone ever used an US immigration attorney? They are on the net but who to trust and can they save time in the process?

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No doubt, a good immigration attorney can make a great deal of difference to your case.  You can discover a lot about your attorney online, like whether they are listed as a member of the state bar association, whether they get good reviews and so on.

I used Atty. Gary Ilagan from Munsch, Hardt, Kopf from Houston TX. He is a super lawyer and has a great team under him. The company (a very big health system) that hired me use this law firm for my immigration application and they helped me with husband and children as well.

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Me and my wife have had a very pleasant experience with Mike O'Rourke.
He is a seasoned lawyer and working both in Canada and the US. He mostly does all himself and takes in colleagues as needed, but it is a different experience with him than with the big law firms. He acts as a responsible human being.
He made a visa-situation possible for us, we nerver ever would have gotten without him. Other tries with another lawyer before were expensive failures and big lawyer-offices focussing on immigration rejected us and gave us no hope. Her is really good and same time a trustworthy and pleasant person who really loves his job and cares for his customers. Best experience and therefore strong suggestion.


@ Mae Mir and Knuffelengel > I invite you to  register these attorneys in the business directory please, it will help members to find their contact details more easily.

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