Transferring work visa, need help

Hi guys I have a question and I hope someone can help :) I'm new to Bahrain, I have a job, an employment visa, and a CPR; however, I want to change jobs for a few big reasons.
So my current boss included in the contract i signed that if I quit before 1 year I have to pay him back all the LMRA and visa costs incurred,  but if I get a new job won't they pay that or do I have to? How does the work visa get transferred and how long does it take?

Here's a few more facts about the situation:
1. I have only worked with my current job for 1 month
2. My current boss most likely will not give any kind of consent to leave
3. I have a CPR card but I haven't taken my medical exam yet. It's scheduled for June.

Thank you for any help!! :)

Yes you have to pay as u breaking the contract in between and even if you got new job if they gonna pay for it then cool or else you have to pay




as Yaaseen mentioned, you would have to pay for the charges if you quit before an year (if mentioned in your contract)

If your boss is not accepting your resignation you need to follow the below

The process of work visa transfer is mentioned below


So if I get a new job the new employer will pay these fees or will the government reimburse my former boss?? Or do I have to pay anythig? If I pay what exactly am I paying like LMRA fees or visa fees? And what's the average amount for a 2 year work visa so I can be prepared to pay if I have to...Thanks

If your current employer approves your move, then they could get a refund.

according to LMRA employer cannot ask you for fees but he can sue for damages

fees structure


He won't give consent so then the government won't refund him and I have to? Thanks so much for your help

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