Written offer ??

ALHAMDULILLAH, Got a call from HR today early morning confirming details of mine and they said that they will get the electronic visa issued in 2 days time INSHAALLAH.

They have also asked me to let them know the visa agency in UK who can assist me with the process.

I have spoken to a few services thay all are asking a lot of money, i have forwarded the details to them and let's see which one they would choose. I hope they won't ask me to pay as my hiring manager didn't pay either himself last year when he was going through with all this process.
I was wondering if anyone has applied for the work visa from UK can shed some light here on the process involved and if anyone can recoomend any agency then it would be great.

الحمد الله got e-wakala today.

most companies to be honest even if they says will send something within 3 days or so, believe it they will not do lol

do not panic that much! just be patient and do not forget that God will do the best thing for you but if you ask if this is usual, i will say yes so take it easy!

good luck!

I know what you are saying but this time they fulfil their promise. They have emailed me e wakala to the agent name in uk which I believe you only get once the e visa has issued.

Typo mistake in last line. "once the visa has been issued "

Great! I wish you a great experience!

Please let us know if you have got the visa or not yet.

Well got attested contract and wakala. So preparing for the process of visa stamp.

May I know how would it help you?

I got a job offer last april from a Univ in KSA.
First of May I sent them the needed documents to apply for a visa number at MOFA. Since that time I didnt recieve any news..
So I wanted to know how long time usualy it takes to get the visa number from the ministry of foreings affairs.
Thx a lot

You have to apply from your home country! The uni will make an offer you accept it they will then send you a contract one half in English the other in Arabic along with an invertation letter stamped by the chamber of commerce. It is then up to you to process your documents and get your visa processed. You will be reembursed normally for the costs.

Ok understood.
My first interview was in first week of March then after subsequent interview and informal face to face meeting I had a final interview with directors by mid of April. Then due to saudinisation etc I had to wait 2 weeks prior to an offer. They offered me this position on 27th April then I had to wait for 2-3 weeks then they asked me for my documents etc then they said to me they will come back to me shortly with visa information. I had already signed the offer in May then after lots of chasing they finally sent me a signed contract too in July then I had to wait again then I started chasing since my recruiter was not co-operating too. So 2 weeks ago they started responding after lots of chasing and last Thursday they issued me wakala which issues as an authority to an agent on company behalf to sort the visa out.
Today they sent me scanned copy of official contract duly signed by MOFA and chamber of commerce and they will be sending me the hard copy via FedEx by tomorrow.
After all this o am still waiting on other documentation a such as copy of this official contract and request letters to be sent to Saudi cultural attaché and embassy in Karachi to complete the process of attestation.
My agent in the UK told me last week until the documents are not attested they don't recommend to go for medical and police check since it will take maximum of 2 weeks from the day of medical examination to visa stamping day.
So I guess انشأالله تعالٰى by mid September I will have my visa stamped if everything works fine.

So in your case it all depends if you want to chase them and if the uni is in private or public sector.

I would suggest you to start chasing through your hiring manager and then see what he/she says.

I hope I have given you all the information.

Thank you Geek-Peer for sharing those informations.
In my case, it is a public University and I was expecting to hear from them this month as the academic year will start mid of September.
The contract they have sent me (last April) is signed from the Dean of the Univ but not from the MOFA nore the chamber of commerce.
I tried to contact the HR office but it seems it is summer vacations and no one is answering.
On the other hand, I am still in contact with the head of department (the person who interviewed me), but he is also on vacations. He will be back to work next week and he will check then my apppication.

Good luck.

Thank you Geek-Peer.
Could you let me know what is the Wakala document and does it mean that you got the Visa number from MOFA when you recieve the Wakala?

On the other hand, do you know how to certify the diplomas from the saudi cultural saudi bureau? I got my PhD in France and I am living in Montreal (Canada). Do I need the work contract signed from the MOFA and chamber of commerce to start the diploma authentication process?

Thank you

Yes company can issue wakala only once they have got e-vissa sorted and yes it does have a visa number.

well you need to first get your phd attested by the university or organisation who has issued you the degree and then you need to ask your employer to issue you a duly signed  contract and attested by MOFA and chamber of commerce signed  and request letters to in the name of saudi culture and embassy to verify your degree. Again signed and attested by MOFA and chamber of commerce.

2 copies of contract and 2 copies of request letter each attn to saudi culture and embassy

I live in Canada but my degree is issued fram France. Can I sent it to the Saudi embassy in Canada?


Nope. Same is happening with me. My degrees are issued from Pakistan so I have sent there to get it verified. Perhaps ask an agent or your HR they should tell you.

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