Are there any Black people in Belgrade......

Is it just me....... Looking to meet friends in Belgrade, black, asian, mixed, white, etc....

I think just "looking to meet friends" would have been sufficient :P

Welcome on board  :cheers:

It would be nice to tell a bit more of yourself so the people know who you are and what kind of interests you have.
It will help you to find some friends.


Thanks for the tip :-).
I am so bad at this......

Hi Khami,

Very hard to find, but if you are looking for a place try Klub Cvijeta Bar :)

Hi Khami.
How are you?
We can meet in Belgrade.
you can also add me on facebook.

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Hi Khami25
I'm also coming to live in Belgrade. Big question where do you do your hair🙆Hopefully we can meet up and be friends

Hello Juritz

Nice to make your acquaintance,  hoping to meet you soon. I do my hair myself :-) i have never been to a salon here because I don't think they understand black hair. Also if your hair is relaxed you MUST bring your own supply of relaxers because its not sold here.

Im here if you wish to talk.


Thanks so much!

Need me to bring you anything? I'll be in Belgrade by end Nov.

Yah sure am black and i have been here for a week now

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