No good deed......

My wife and I are going back to visit my family in the States soon. A young couple has asked for our help as travel companions. They want to vacation to Florida.

The couple are in their 30's, married, no kids, educated. His parents own a successful business and they speak good english. I trust them.

My wife has dual citizenship and I hold a Permanent Visa. I write this to show that we respect the law and I am hesitant to risk our good names.

My wife is even more resistant to help. The couple states that they just want to establish travel history with the government so that they can move freely on their own in the future.

Anyone have experience with this situation? These are really good people and I have been direct in my concerns with them, but is it possible that once on US soil, they might just take the shot? If so what are the consequences to my wife and me? It took 6 months and a lot of money to get my VIPER and it can be taken away on a whim.

Exnyer.........I'm a little confused.  What do you mean that they just wanted to establish a travel history with the government.  Which one...Brazil's or the US.  If they get a visa to travel to the US they  have no restrictions on their travel and are only obligated to leave the country before the tourist visa expires.  And, I'm not sure by what you mean when you  say "they might just take the shot"?  A shot at what?

Agreed , very confusing .... do you mean stay illegaly in the US?

If they do that it has nothing to do with your Brazilian Status

Please be more clear

Hi dear friends,

I got this message track (CIE  orginal card) online


Name:         Geroge
Protocolo:    999999999999
Gmp :         098734   
Data:         16/03/2016
Hora:         13:06
Recebimento:  confirmado Em 17/03/2016
Destino:      FAB/DICRE/CGPI
Responsavel:  N o Informado
Depacho:      CX25678 EMITIDA EM 16/03/2016   

I dont understand this message.

I have doubt CIE (orginal) in fedral police will collect or not.

Please anybody help about this matter.

Thanking you,

Arru24-I don't understand. Did this message you've shown appear on my post? Are you asking a question?

exnyer :

Arru24-I don't understand. Did this message you've shown appear on my post? Are you asking a question?

Hey Ex, I believe Arru24 is looking for help of any kind, I pointed her to one the old post by James and provided her a few links. I think she is trying to find out if something has been approved or accepted.

Hi , it means your CIE has been issued and dispatched on the given date
Go to the Federal Police that you got your protocol at , your CIE will probably be there

Take your protocol and any receipt they gave you at federal police to collect it

thanks Al.

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