Readers' comments in Jakarta Post and Jakarta Globe

Based as I am in Yogyakarta, I have always enjoyed reading the to and fro arguments by readers submitting comments to both paper and online articles in our two "venerable" English language newspapers: The Jakarta Post (JP) and The Jakarta Globe (JG).

The self-caused collapse of the English print edition of Jakarta Globe several months ago left The Jakarta Post as the single large circulation English language newspaper. The online versions of both JP and JG continue to be published.

Now I have noticed that the readers comments sections of JG has been scrapped online and this appears also to have occurred with the JP print edition that I recently looked through - I don't subscribe to JP so I only look at it sporadically in order to test for approaching dementia in trying to solve the sudoku & crossword puzzle. Looking online I see that there is space to comment underneath the articles but no comments to any article seem to have been archived.

From memory I recall often vicious attacks on certain local customs, practices and legal judgments by what appears to have been Indonesian expats. Trolling also occurred on a frequent basis along with the use of threats and gutter language. However, I miss it as a source of immediate comment from several, what I regarded, as enlightened informed members of the community.

If I am wrong and there is still a place connected on the internet, either linked to the above newspapers, or somewhere else, I humbly ask the community on this site for the appropriate links.

In the meantime I read the La Gazette de Bali once a month for my dose of appropriate feedback on events taking place in Bali and further afield.

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