Theatre atmosphere in Nairobi

Dear all,
I love movie and have searched for several cinemas around the city. Such as Imax on Mana Ngina St and the one in Sarit and Westgate.
Which one is the best choice for the quality of seats, movie screens,...and the safety as well? Is it okay to attend a movie alone?

I see no reason why attending a movie alone should be a problem, particularly if you go to somewhere like Sarit, which is in a secure compound.

If you are going in the evening, you need to think about transport to and from as it is not advisable to walk on the street after dark.

hi, i  guess you should look for a company and the one who knows town  atmosphere very well especially if  you are expat or new to Nairobi

Thank you for your answers, guys. I am newcomer in this city so it takes time for me to get used to the new lifestyle.

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