Exit Re Entry from Labor Office

If you have filed a complaint in labor office.
And you got an emergency back home.
Your sponsor is not ready to give you exit reentry visa,.
You can get it from Labor office.

Hello msmir116

Have you personally tried to get exit reentry visa this way?


This is only partially true, dont get confused. If you have a valid case against your sponsor then usually you cant leave the country until the issue is resolved. You can leave however if all parties agree, especially the sponsor should agree.

No -
If u are the one who filed the case and the sponsor is defendant.
Your Iqama is Valid
Labor office can give you Exit re entry

We got it after lot of struggle to find the concerned authority who can give it

Sir, Please explain the procedure for getting ready entry visa from court. Especially the the period, maximum time they grant the visa?
Thank you.

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