North Coast Battery Back Up recommendation

Anyone know of a reputable north coast person/company to get a quote on a battery back up system for our house?  Deep cycle batteries only?

Bob will be in the know on this.

Boy I really don't know anyone specifically for batteries but you might contact Dolfy who does a lot of electric work and solar as well. He is in Sosua.  Here is his email
Sosua Satellite: sosuasatellite[at]

Let me know if he cannot help or send you  to someone who can

Bob K

Good idea Bob,  thanks.   And if anyone has a recommendation help us out here.

You are welcome.  7 more days and finally home again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks guys...(thought I replied to this already weeks ago...LOL)  Bob K, have you ever tried importing batteries via CPS (since weight isn't the issue with Maritime shipping...I know there would be a 18% tax...but, true deep cycle batteries seem much much cheaper here in U.S.??)  Somewhere in there is a question...

Importing -  run the costs and see if it is worth it. AND you will have no guarantee once you ship.   My guess is there will be very little value difference and you will have to wait how long for shipping?

It would be interesting though to know the price differences once everything is calculated.

Also remember each shipment has to have a value of less then US 200 or you also pay duty!!!

Well, if we go that route...I will definitely post about it.  The batteries we are finding in DR are not really deep cycle...gotta appease the better half who is a perfectionist...

So what do they cost In the USA?

If you are on the DR1 board there is a guy (windeguy) who knows a lot about batteries.

If not let me know if interested and I can dig out his contact info

Bob K

If anyone is interested in our on-going casa set up... Our house is around 1000 sq. ft, two bedroom, one bath (with a soon to be 320 sq. ft. separate mastersuite and bath)  We do not have A/C, but there's a ~12-13K gallon pool and lots of fans.

We have decided to  buy 4 6volt 200 amp hour deep cycle batteries from a local vendor in Cabrera area and we a shipping our inverter.  We shall see what tax we get hit with.  Our neighbors were quoted over US $4,200 (yes that's dollars...) for a 6.8 Kw single phase inverter.  We are getting a 6.0 Kw split phase true sine wave inverter with some switchy doohikey and other components that my electrician husband needs/wants and that is for US $1,000! It is sufficient for creating a starter system and can grow with need.  Also, we can use our dual fuel generator to charge the batteries with propane if we would need to.  Back up is for the LED lights and fans in the evening when the power often fails.

I will let everyone know after Christmas if it all worked out!

Thanks for sharing.

In my view, your neighbor got screwed royally.  That is a ridiculous price and they can  be purchased here for far far less. 

True sine wave inverters do cost more,  I  don't know pricing on that at all.

Glad to hear the progress.  Good job and great price

Bob K

Just updating... (posted this on my hardware store request topic)..  For about US $2000 we got our battery back up system with 4 6-volt 235 amp hr batteries and a true sine wave split phase inverter for hooking up solar/wind turbine later.  And we can charge the whole system with our dual fuel generator if need be....Having fans running all night is nice....


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