Residence permit

Hi my husband sent me invitation ,i think i will take my visa and then i will travel to montenegro-tivat ,but i want to ask about my residence permit.
My husband will give me residence permit from him?is it true??
Please help

Another question about shisha ,can i bring from my country to montenegro tobacco of 2 apples😂😂😂

If your husband has it (visa) you will get it too!
No problems for tobacco.

Thank you nemanja☺

Plz who knows abt residence husband has residence and work permit,and he sent me invitation,im waiting ok from the embassy ,after that i will travel to montenegro .
Is my husband can do a residence permit when i will be in montenegro?plzzzz help
Also i want to take from my country to montenegro tobacco of 2 apples (for shisha) is it allowed?plzzzz help

Bigger problem is that according to new regulations you will not be able to gain medicare, despite your husband will have it.

What abt my residence permit? Is there a problem to take my residence permit from my husband?
Sorry for my questions but i am thinking about this matter.
Thank u
Help plz
Wat abt tobacco

Is your husband Montenegrin? If yes you will get a residence permit without much hassle.

If he isn't, he has to be working for a company or have a residence permit and then he will apply for you as well. It's a bit of a longer procedure but can be managed.

Good luck!

Yes he' s working in montenegro and he took his residence permit.he sent to me invitation to take a visa.
When i will go to montenegro he will do my residence permit.
Thank you for your help.

What about tobacco monte-tina???

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