Introduce myself

Hello all,   I am trying to introduce my wife and I but is this the place? If not could someone guide me to the correct place please? We have questions to ask.


Welcome to the Ecuador forum, Shamus and Kim.

There is a New Members thread for introductions, but the Home Office in the Mascarene Islands has been discouraging the posting of questions there.

So, by all means, ask your questions on this new thread.  I’d refer you to  the Fielding Your Questions thread, but was unable to locate it at the Ecuador forum tonight.

cccmedia in Quito

Hello everyone > Here is the link for the thread "Fielding Your Questions: New Members want to know". : [Found it on the Ecuador forum, you can use the "search button"]

@Shamusandkim > welcome to ;) Please post your questions here. :)

Thank you.

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