Importing our dog into Belize by land

Hi!  We are driving from northern Nevada (US) to Belize with our dog in September.  Our vet has worked with people driving to Belize and informed us we'd need a Mexican vet to certify our dog's health before crossing into Belize.  Upon calling BAHA, we were informed that yes we'd need health certificates from a US vet and a Mexican vet.  She said the vet health certification in the US does not need USDA certification but is only good for 7 days not the 14 days we'd read about.  She recommended we take our dog to a vet along the US-Mexican border and to one in Chetumal.  We haven't read of anyone having to do this.  Is this a change in regulations or is there a work around?  We don't want to cause problems but it is making our trip difficult to plan.  Anyone have recent information or advice on importing a dog into Belize by car?  Any recommendations on a vet in Chetumal?  Thanks!

Not aware of any changes in the health letter days from 14 days to 7 days. BAHA website still says 14 days.
Your health letter/certificate, providing it falls in the 14 days, should be valid for Belize without having to visit a Mexican veterinarian.
I renewed our dog's Belize pet passport today, and have asked Ms. Melody from BAHA about any changes. If there are, I will post.

Thanks, Brigitte B!  Any light you can shed on this will really help.  Our only real headaches have come in working out how to get our dog to Belize.  The hail we've been having makes it look like it snowed so we are more than ready to get to Belize. Thanks again.   :top:

MaxxaMo - I received a response from Ms. Melody at BAHA, and requirements for import of dogs have not changed.
BAHA, once they process your import permit, will send you a copy of the permit.
Let BAHA know which border crossing you will be using. BAHA will send the original permit to that crossing.
Make sure you have a valid rabies certificate. Our vet usually includes all Ceiba's other vaccinations in the health letter. Make a few copies of each.
If you were to cross at the Western border, you might want to consider getting a health certificate certified by the appropriate US agency. Guatemala may ask to see it. Likely not. But better to have it just in case.
Ms. Melody Robateau. She is at the Central Farm location.

I live in chetumal with pets, for ten years.  I know a few good vets here.
Re the permit to enter belize, i am not sure you would need the usa one for so many days..
I Will try to find out more.  I am trying to sell my chetumal property and move to belize with my pet.

That sounds good.  But in any case, when arriving to chetumal, i am here...

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Thanks, Brigitte!  I feel much better already. :)  We have one less thing to worry about.  Thanks, Launia.  If we should need a vet, at least we can feel like it's a good one.  Back to sorting, donating/selling, and packing.  Hehe, Now I remember why I don't like moving.

You're welcome, MaxxaMo - I've sent you a private message.

Thanks, Brigitte, for your help and the message.  It's exciting and exhausting at the same time.  Good luck with your trip. :)

What I have noticed in the past years of me owning my property is,  Belizean Government has been  tweeking there rules to catch up to Westerners financial dealings. Makes me want to sale my property and go elsewhere.
But I am going to tough it out, in spite of.
Happy hunting.

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