Wanting to buy spin bike

My wife and have just moved to Bali from Australia. We are wanting to buy a secondhand spinbike or could suggest where we maybe be able to purchase one at a reasonable price. … tis-bekas/

I've seen Shaga in some malls Bandung but don't know much about them. I did try asking some friends back home but they don't know it. I've been thinking of buying one myself but would like to get a good brand.

Shaga only sell new, so that wouldn't suit the OP.

Fred :

Shaga only sell new, so that wouldn't suit the OP.

Indeed Shaga do only sell new bikes in their stores, but if you search the secondhand market you can find used Shaga's.

Shaga is for medium to low priced products.
They are cheap.
So, if you want better brands, do look for others too.

Yup I wouldn't wanna pay for a shaga. I am looking for something new and probably imported.

Here’s the opening line to this thread…

“My wife and have just moved to Bali from Australia.”

Then the post reads:

“We are wanting to buy a secondhand spinbike or could suggest where we maybe be able to purchase one at a reasonable price.”

Is information about some malls in Bandung, about 1,173 km away from Bali really pertinent to the OP’s question? 

For Bali…

A) New…check with ACE Hardware.  They have a pretty good inventory of exercise equipment, and if not in stock, they can order it. 

B) Used…check The Bali Advertiser which is published twice a month and free in places all over Bali, especially in mini marts.  This is the source for buying/selling used or second hand products here on Bali.

Probably I wouldn't recommend Ace Hardware as they are usually way overpriced compared to other stores. Of course no harm in checking them out. The OP was looking to buy one at a reasonable price. you could try the Bali Advertiser. Foreigners come and go all the time and often want to dispose of stuff like fitness equipment.

In fairness, I understand Shaga have a branch in Denpasar, but still no second hand and their prices are far more than used machines on the various sales sites tend to sell for.
OLX or similar sites are probably the OP's bet bet to fill his needs within the likely price range he's looking at.

Since Bali is known for its beauty, the OP might well consider another option, that being a mountain bike.
These are likely to be much cheaper and a lot more fun, but it's just an option to give the OP other possibilities.

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I hope theses advises helped you? Do you have any more questions?

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I have just purchased a spin bike, it arrived yesterday from Ace Hardware at the galleria shopping centre, it was brand new waited 3 months for it, it cost 389.00 aussie dollare, they have another model for 500.00 aussie dollars


The hoop

That's great news! Glad you managed to find what you were looking for.

I'm very happy to see that my recommendation worked out well for you!    ;)


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He has already bought one.

This is for anyone looking at buying new or used gym equipment. There are two qualities of gym equipment available, commercial quality, and there is equipment for home use that may well come from China or Korea.

Brands such as Weider are commercial quality. This kind of equipment is used in fitness centers, condominiums, hotels and physiotherapy centers and is designed for heavy usage and built to last, but it is expensive. Warranty is normally for 1 year including replacement of parts and sometimes includes one servicing.

The other type of equipment is for home use and is a lot cheaper and may look very pretty but is not designed for heavy usage and is not built to last.

It's worth checking out the brand and the model before making a commitment to buy.

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