Fancy a pint Veliko Tarnovo?

Well I'm in my village hideaway utopia for the next week (i.e. until Tuesday 10th May) so if anybody fancies a social rendezvous in the form of a pint or a coffee or just a good old natter in Veliko Tarnovo, I'm well up for it.


Hello Terry :cheers:

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A lot of exoats go to the middle bar accross from yantra homes

arriving in VT tues 10th. May.
We'll be in the bar just up the road from Hostel Mostel about 8.30 pm.
phil +gill

Thank you everybody for your help.

I'll do my best to see you on Tuesday then Phil & Gill. How will I recognise you?

Terry  :)

Hi, Terry.
the name of the pub is, I think, because the card I have is in Bulgarian, MALKIAINTER, and it's on IVAN VASOV str. 5000 Veliko.
I'll be the one with the best moustache, and gill will be the dark haired lady without such a good one.
We may be at the bar with Craig, who owns the house next to the Book Cave.

Thanks Phil.

I have no facial hair or, for that matter, much hair on my head at all. And I wear black rimmed glasses.

So unless Gill falls into a vat of Miracle-Gro, I'm sure I will find you.

See you Tuesday then, round about 8:30ish.


Hello Phil & Gill,

I'm really, really sorry I didn't make it out for a drink this evening. I had a heating bloke round to talk about heating for my house, he was very late because of traffic problems in town and what we had to talk about went on for hours. So I was already late for our meet up when he left my house,

I'm going back to England on Thursday but I'll be back in VT permanently towards the end of June so if you're around I'll try much harder to meet you.

All the best and sorry again.


Hi, Terry
Just arrived back from Veliko. Pity we did'nt manage a beer, but we had a great night at the pub
in Veliko all the same.
Our purchase is progressing, so I'll be coming over sometime in Aug.
Will keep you posted.
phil + gill

We are out next Friday for two weeks of anyone fancies meeting up for a few beers !

Yeah ... sorry ... completely my fault.

But keep in touch and we'll get that pint eventually.

And good luck with your adventure.

Best wishes, Terry.

Hi, Terry, we are over in Veliko from 13th. Sept for a week, with my little sister in tow.
If you fancy a meet at the Malkinteer, or anywhere else, let us know.

Hello Phil.

Sorry for the delay in replying.

I'll be in Italy most of that week but towards the end I'll be back. I think it's the 18th I return. It would be good to meet up.

Let me know what you have in mind and I'll do my best to fit in.

Do skoro!


Hi, Terry, Gill and I are there until 23rd. Sept. staying at the Hostel Mostel. My sister is going home on the 19th. so we'll be having a farewell beer in the Malkinteer on the 18th. we can be contacted at the hostel Mostel during our stay if you want to meet any other time.
Anyone else in the locality at that time would be welcome

I could probably manage the 18th if I'm not going to be in the way of your sister's send off.

I'll be in touch again between now and then.

T :-)

No, the more the merryer. There will probably be others there as well.

Yes, I fancy a pint Terry :)


When and where Wiltel?


I've only been in Veliko Tarnovo for a couple of days & currently I'm staying at the Akvaya hotel.

Somewhere in the centre that's easy for me to find would be  good. I'm free to meet anytime today. Would be really nice to meet for a coffee & have a good natter!

I'm a bit busy today busy today but if you PM me your phone number I'll give you a ring and sort out a get together.

Hi, wiltel, Gill and I are back in VT. on the 5th. of Nov. if you want to meet.

I'm really sorry we haven't met up yet Phil. My fault ... I always seem to have an excuse. But I should be around when you are here early in November so I would love to get together with you and Gill for a beer and a chinwag.

Hope to see you soon.


Hi Terry, I'm happy to give you my number if it can be sent privately. I'm new to this forum.

I'm doing a bit of work from my hotel, but free to meet pretty much anytime today.

Thanks for your message 'Gill' - I don't know how long I will be in VT for, partly because I'm not really getting much connection & it's quite cold lol.

I came on this trip to see how I'd feel about Bulgaria generally, as I've heard many stories about life here.

it would be good to meet with anyone on this forum.

If there is such a thing as a private message on this forum, then I'm happy to exchange contact details :)

Right now if you like Wiltel.

I've just arrived in town. Where are you?

Cool! I'm at the Acvaya hotel, which is very close to the market :)

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