Vaccinations for US citizen children

Anyone know how to receive vaccinations for children who aren't Bulgarian citizens and don't have an ЕГН?  Both the hospital pediatrician and my husband's university's doctor told me that there is no way for my children to receive vaccines here because they are distributed through the country's system, with a citizenship number, which my children don't have (even the one who was born here) because they are US citizens.   

Even the US Embassy doesn't have a solution for this... They gave me some contacts in Sofia but I don't live there. I would go just to get vaccines, but if there is a different way, enlighten me!

You should be able to special order the vaccines through a doctor. Meaning you cannot go in and pay for the ones they have(because they seem to have a shortage of them, anyway)- they have to order them and you have to wait for them to arrive. Unfortunately, many doctors do not want to do this extra work. We have been waiting for our final toddler vaccine for some time now and have offered to pay for it to be special ordered, but our doctor does not want to.

A better alternative to try is to order the vaccine through a large pharmacy and then bring it to a doctor and pay to have them insert the vaccine. They have some vaccines on framers, … 0%BC%D0%B8

But not a lot of the infant vaccines, so it is best to ask in person if a pharmacy can special order them for you. There may be some back and forth--- to find a pharmacy that will order them, then find a doctor who will write you a prescription for them, then order, then return and get them injected.

However- if you go this route, make sure you either have a copy of the Bulgarian or American vaccine schedule (depending on which one you choose) and follow it closely, as there will not be a national record of the vaccines. Get your doctor to sign the record each time they inject a dose. This will make registering for school in either country much easier.

Thank you soo much! I had no idea I could try to look for them at a pharmacy. I will look into it!


I'm having the same problem as you and can not get my baby's 12 month old vaccinations done because we're not residents in the countries we have been traveling. We will be moving to Bulgaria, Sofia in a week and would like to get the vaccines done there. Were you able to do it in Sofia? How was the process? I would love to hear your experience with that so it could make things easier for me when I arrive.

Thank you so much

Hi Aaron.Anderson,

Unfortunately I don't know anything about getting them done in Sofia, as I live in Blagoevgrad. Luckily we have a friend who knows the system (for her job) so she took us to the Regional Health Index (Регионална Здравна Индекция) who gave us the vaccines. She also took us to several doctors (works with them for her job) and we found one that accepted us paying every time instead of being in the Bulgarian system (which is impossible for us). (To go to a pediatrician, you have to have gone first to your "personal doctor" (личен лекар) who then sends you to the pediatrician acting as a specialist, but the pediatrician we found accepts payment instead, and it's legal, too.)

However, after all that, going back to get the vaccines again isn't that simple. They told me a nurse or someone with credentials has to go get them, or have something in writing, and you have to have a cool box, etc. For our second round of shots they just gave us what they had at the doctor's office because they didn't want the kids to get off track, and they plan on going to the Regional Health Index place to find out how to get them replenished.

I wish I knew the end of the story! For now they are getting vaccinated and at least have a doctor!

Please, check on this.

Not really sure how anti-vax info is relevant to the conversation on how to get children vaccinated... people aren't asking if they should or not but rather how to go about it...

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