interested in meeting filipino in Malmø or oxie

Shout out to all Filipino in sweden!! ;)

Im kinda new in sweden and since I came here I didnt have any friends that i can talk tagalog with. I really missed to hang out with pinoys. Im living in malmø and im also near in oxie. Is there anyone near my place and mybe looking for friends also? im dying to go around sweden with you guys!! I will be glad for any response. ty. :thanks:

Hello Allenbebz :cheers:

I invite you to do a quick search of filipinos around by searching our :

> Sweden social network

I invite you to also subscribe to the Networking in Malmo section of the site to be notified whenever there are meet ups near you.


yeah sure @kenjee.

Hi im a filipina living here in Malmö.we can meet with other filipina you have Facebook?you can add me ****.thanks.

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im living in oxie malmö

hello girl ***.. we can meet next week

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Hello im i live in malmö.

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