Any lessons learnt on the moving process?

My mind says pack up, call the removers and ship everything out until it arrives.  I know this will be longer than flying so do a short term rental until we purchase our own place.  So before I make so many mistakes I was wonder what others had learned from the same process and what pitfalls should I avoid?  Also if moving possessions from UK to Australia what prices range should I expect to pay, I know it depends on distance but have not chosen final location yet.  Thanks for any advice.

I presume that you have visas etc arranged ??

I would suggest that you sell everything and buy here in Oz. Transportation costs would outweigh cost to buy in Oz. There are many companies selling furniture etc. A Google search will give you prices.

Shipping costs can be found on Google too, 20ft container 3700 pounds to 4200 pounds to Melbourne or Sydney but there will be customs fees plus transport to your residence.

For cost of living etc  Also read through the posts on the forum for information as well.

From my experience moving overseas, I would suggest not to bring all the big stuffs to Australia. You can buy everything here and they are all the same. I wasted $8000 on one container ship for our moves and after moving we found that things are cheap here any way.
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I hope this is help and good luck with the move.

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