How to start maths tuition at Adliya


I am an engineer by profession.
Would like to change my profession to tuition for grades 7-12.
Though I  don't have experience in teaching I am confident to teach well and bring students with flying colors.

Can someone help me on how to publicize this?

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I believe holding private tuitions without proper permit is supposed to be illegal here in Bahrain.  Having said that there are many who do it, but i guess you have to be a bit discrete about it.


Please be careful. 

It is just as easy for me to say I want to be an airline pilot but I have no experience flying, however I feel I can fly very well and will never have an issue.

Teaching is a profession and should be treated as such.  Training preparation for use of MOI, Classroom Management, Special Ed Training, IEP and 504's and BIP's, Child Psych, learning styles, pedagogy, on and on can make the difference between being a positive influence and a negative influence on a child's life.

I highly recommend you receive training, otherwise it is possible you can damage the future of a students life by not being prepared.

I understand you want to jump right in and "be a teacher", but please be prepared as your success is their success, just as your failure could very well be theirs.

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