Female/Male Friends Needed (Jubail)

Hello Ladies & Gents,

Sometimes you finish your work and you are bored; Nothing much to do here!

So, to whom who are interested in going to a coffee-shop and socializing or interested in hanging out, let me know.

So, don't be bored and enjoy your life ;)

Warm Regards,

I would like to meet up and i think its gonna be great although the weather is KILLING me 😂 so if anything, i would only go out at night.

Glad that was the first reply  :)

At can join night hangouts, we can plan for first gathering.

Great idea!

Great idea

any one here from yanbu

Hi Khan, Am from Jubail.

Indian National.

First timer here, and just over 3 months here


Where are u
U are working

Working in Jubail. In Jubail now. What abt you?

I work in Jubail as Sr. Manager - Admin & HR. What about you?

New here, i mean on this site and jubail, although born in saudia :)

Hi. Am Indian, now in Jubail since last 5 months.

Great Idea

nice idea :)

I am new here in Jubail and would like to meet up with new friends

hello ,

i am from dammam

i hope have new friends and meet up

me too from dammam. if som1 can fix venue and time then we can plan a meet.

ok no problems


call me or whatsapp

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Hi there I am new to Jubail, need friends (guys/ladies) after work or during weekend.......I love indoor sports (table tennis, badminton, tennis) so if anyone would like to get in touch please let me know... Thanks


I am interested in playing Table Tennis

Hi where do you live in  Jubail? how long? what will be a good place to play tt?

I live near Maria School, don’t know the places to play. Have to search out.

okay I am i m close to panda....looking for place

There is a sports complex in Jubail. I have been there and there are a lot of games to play. Just search it on google map and you will be able to find it.

Thank you for the information, can you please share the location of sports complex?

Just write in google map " Jubail Sports Club" and you will find it. I tried to extract coordinates but can not do so.  Its near Jubail general hospital.

Am close to city flower. Pls how can I get a gym centre. My tommy is becoming big😭

Stop eating Shawarmas 😉

FunnyDoctor, You should have do exercise and control eating fats. If you are a MBBS doctor, you probably know the thing which enables tommy get bigger like drinking water after meal, eating junk foods etc.

Hi Guys, any luck in finding sports complex in Jubail?....I am particularly interested about TT/Badminton..

Hello SHoukhin, You can find sports complex by writing "sports complex" in google map :) its so simple. There are 2-3 badminton clubs in fanteer as well.

Thanks boss. But you know eating late nights and also food rich in carbohydrates contributes a lot. And what I eat here apart from fruits is made of that component. Yes I have been going to the park to jog. Thanks

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