Procedure/Agency assistance in moving from SA to Netherlands for work


My fiance and I want to move to the Netherlands from SA for work purposes.

Does anyone have any advice on agencies to use or the procedure to follow, as we want to secure jobs first before moving over?

I have a BCom and Post Graduate Diploma in Management Accounting (CIMA) and am looking to gain more international experience. My fiance does not have a qualification, but has almost 10years of experience in the security industry.
Would it be more ideal and easy to get in for the both of us if we were married?

I have tried to research on google about the procedure and look for agencies that can help, but have had no luck - any assistance/advice will be highly appreciated!


Welcome on board  :cheers:

On the main forum there is a sticky topic "New to Holland " which has some useful links to start with,  such as the website of the immigration organisation.
It's a good start to be begin with.

Good luck.

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