Driving a 7.5tonne lorry to Bulgaria

I have purchased a 7.5 tonne lorry to drive my belongings to VT area in Bulgaria and need advice on the following:-
1. What is the best route from Calais
2. Cost of vignettes en route
3. Would it be better to sell the vehicle in Bulgaria or return it back to the UK to sell
4. Would it be advisable to get someone to transport my goods rather than attempt it myself
I have been reading of other people's misfortunes regarding driving to bulgaria so I thought it would be prudent to ask questions first rather than be sat at some border crossing kicking myself for not getting advice first.
I hope there are a few of you out there to give me some solid advice

I know of quite a few people who go over in 3.5 ton vans and they seem to shift them OK in Bulgaria, cant see why a 7.5 would be any different, but as a curve ball you always leave it locked up and then  it is there as a "man with a van service" when you move over? (there are a few local delivery services but I'm not familiar with any English removal/delivery based in BG, it is something to consider?)
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Good luck with your answers regards routes and ferry crossing?
Cheers Steve.

Not sure it would be that easy for a 7.5 ton Lorry as you may have to use the HGV points at the boarders and good luck with that!!!!! Get it transported over there are two good companies one is on Facebook he changes around £700 for same load with insurance too.

Tony Rees can be found on Facebook has done this trip with a 7,5 T recently. The truck is up for sale too :)

Or may be he is willing to come to UK transport your belongings for you.


Hi Joel

Chris Jho offers a door to door UK_BG 7.5 tonne curtain sided truck for £1800.  We had the same thoughts as you but decided to let someone else take the strain.  He h=also has 10.5 and 18 tonne vehicles as well as smaller LWB transits and a trailer for vehicle transport.

British-Bulgarian Int'l Transport & Services

He comes with excellent recommendations and is fully licenced and legal.

If you decide to go it alone I would probably suggest Harwich Hook of Holland (overnight sailing so a fresh start in the morning), Germany (a beast that keeps on going) , Austria (picturesque beyond belief), Hungary (scenic), Romania (scary night time border guards).  The roads in Serbia are better but the reports of random tax levies for vans and large vehicles makes it a somewhat hit and miss experience and the tolls are pretty expensive.  If going via Calais - Belgium - Germany - Austria - Hungary - Romania and then into Bulgaria either via Vidin bridge or Ruse bridge - expect long delays in a truck on the bridges. 

Info on vignettes and tolls … lang=en-GB

Do not risk ignoring the  vignette and where ever possible buy online before you go.  The queues before the border crossings are manic.

We didn't need one for France (because we avoided the Paris route) Belgium or Germany but then onwards we did.  For a Tranny the price was reasonable.

Best of British and PM me if you need any further info :)

Hi Mate

I always drive over and by far I think the best way is from Dover to Dunkirk not Calais then into Belgium Via Bruxelles and Leige into Germany at Aarchen Frankfurt onto Passau through Austria towards Gyor in Hungary and Budapest then to zargred in Serbia there are Tolls here no Vignette....through Belgrade onto Paracin then head over the Mountains to the Border at Kula in Bulgaria....lovely drive but unfortunately both the Hungarian and Serbian borders guards are corrupt and will try to persuade you to give them Cash
DONT stand your ground......


Thanks for that and will keep it in mind when I hit those problems, I do have front and rear cameras so that may help a little but nevertheless it's nice to know beforehand.

Just a thought - vignettes for 7.5 ton are MUCH more expensive than up to 3.5 ton.
We came over in a 7.5 ton motor home, avoided motorways to save money, but smaller roads can be horrendous in Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.
The 7.5 ton vignette in Bulgaria is a lot more than cars and vans to 3.5 ton, so worth considering that. good for buying many vignettes on line.
Good luck!

Thank you all for your input and have decided to take a 3.5 tonne vehicle plus car and trailer following,  will be moving in April due to ex wife playing hardball so once I'm up and running will be on here to gather further info ...everyone gave a nice Xmas and new year

Just an update, setting off this January subject to weather but either way we are on our way very soon, will be online regular with millions of questions...wish us luck and goodbye UK

Best wishes to you and safe journey hope it all works out.

Thanks Steve and trust me we are well looking forward to a new quiet life and nobody sticking their noses in where we are or what we are doing....see you all very soon

I can relate to that I'm sure you'll be living a more relaxed and slower style of life soon enough, hit the ground running and go with your gut feeling. (once you are settled in you can then pick and choose if or when you want to pop your head above the ground, and be more in control of your own life) I think we all want some of that.

Good luck with your journey. We are hoping to do the same later this year/early next year and will look forward to hearing about your journey.

Yes, we're hoping to do the same. I'm taking a LWB Van with a large trailer so will be watching with interest.
My wife has read so many horror stories about the trip that she's a little anxious. Be interested to know of any rest stops for overnight. similar to a Travel Lodge, on route as I plan to make the route a mini holiday for her but want to know my van and load is safe.

Safe journey to you and keep this thread alive  :top:

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