fast moving vehicles Muslim funerals

Last week my family  and I were dangerously ran off the road by a procession of fast moving coaches and large vehicles.
Literally physically pushed off road by a large vehicle.
What is the criteria  with this? Seems massively dangerous and aggressive,  surely cant be acceptable. ?..

It is not just Muslim funerals so don't know why that is part of your title! There are always convoys of fast moving vehicles here for a variety of reasons usually political as they are for ministers or the army or the police themselves. Just be aware and get out of the way. It's annoying for everyone except those in the convoy

Well the presence of a Muslim Ambulance kinda influenced my headline some what.
If there would've been Army or police vehicles my Headline would've been differant!!

I was about to make a similar comment but then I read the first response. If you'be been driving in Accra for just one day, I can bet you have encountered similar or worse situations from the general public. All of these activities are illegal, but we Ghanaians are so complacent, we encourage bad behavior, it has become acceptable culture. Not even the ministers and police personnel have that right. Be careful not to stigmatize any specific major group of Ghanaian's over lawlessness and bad behavior. It is a national pastime!!!

The only appropriate part of your comment is admonishing Mitzee about the broad sweeping title targeting a specific religious group, but I don't think your attitude about people having to accept the status quo is a healthy response. I hope that you don't take a weak defensive posture to my comment as Mitzee did to yours. Thanks.

There are Christians and Pagans in that Muslim ambulance convey, the general Ghanaian Society indulges itself in any activity that culminates in food, drink and fanfare ( loud and obnoxious music).

Sadly this is this is common and accepted in Ghana and Africa. The 'big man' rules still here. Its linked to the fundamental issues that shackle Africa and prevent it from improving. It would be illegal in any progressive society but not in da big man land chale!

Yes unfortunately basic manners, are at a premium!

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