organizing expat night

Anyone can suggest/help to organize a get together and dinner among expats. Restaurant La Cle Des Champs is a well known gastronomy restaurant and many expats come there, so i will organize there itself. Reply please

I'm in, but I don't know if la clef des champs would be the best spot for a gathering. We regularly organize gatherings on the beach. Or we could organize an afterwork on a Thursday or Friday ?

Hi Guys,

I am in Mauritius from 5-25 May. Any meet up any where in Mauritius, I am in.


i agree with julien, why not something like an open bbq on the beach

That's a great idea BUT could we not stop focusing mainly on the north of the island and try avoiding popular/crowded areas?  That's just a suggestion on my part such as La Prairie.  Then of course if you wish to have lighting then we will be limited to only certain places around the island.  There is always the possibility of using generators, flood lights and tents!!

Most of the meet up are not in the North but in Flic en Flac ... but yes we can always propose a new location. It's just a matter of convenience for everyone ;)

I am in

It would be nice to do a restaurant and we could try different ones say once a quarter.  We could still do a bbq too. Why not have 2 events?

BBQ good but, better in a restaurant where we can have a drink before follow by a nice seated dinner.La Clef Des Champs is a  nice place for a formal dinner and have the opportunity to book it on exclusivity and they will propose a nice menu according to budget.
As jkev suggested it is very good

I would suggest Suffren or Hennsey park on a Friday evening or on a beach on saturday evening bring and share theme. Generally restaurants recommended is promoting a particular venue for commercial purpose and should not be mixed up with expat meet ups

Yes, Terence!  I am happy to contribute vastly to make an event successful neare to my house bear Saint Felix Beach and even happy to accommodate friends from far to stay overnight at my place !!
i am a fairly good cook and can improvise for everyone s bud taste!!
If you are SHY you go without!!
Saint Felix Public beach is so calm and peaceful and you can even use a tent as facilities from shower and toilet is available!!

okay cant we have a venue that has a good bbq area together with a restaurant setting, hence we can do the bbq then we seat later relax and eat and enjoy

Good idea. A bbq is good and achat so that people can chat and describe how they are finding the country so far.

While you guys are planning an event. There is one more expat event happening on 18th May evening at the Flying Dodo Bagatelle in the evening. It is organized by Internations and have sent an open invitation to all expats.

anything setlle finally?

Can we do one in the north??

Please what is the conclusion concerning this party? :)

Hello all :cheers:

I invite somebody to take the lead and create an Event about this meet up :top:


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