Move to France from the United States

Hello I am Jerry and I will be moving to France with my Daughter, wife and two grandchildren.

My Daughter is taking a job in France and my wife and I are coming to take care of our grandchildren.

I am 74 and my Wife is 72.

We would like to request any information about moving, living, schools? Good stuff and bad.

Thanks. It tough being a newbie at 74.

Hello Jerry! Welcome on board! :cheers:

In which part of France will your family be moving to please?


Paris what part do not know at this point

Dear Jerry,

Hat's off to you for having the courage to make the move at the tender age of 74..!

Of all the issues you should be thinking about, let me focus on a few.

Firstly, health care. As in yours.. It is likely that either you or your wife will come up against the need for some form of medical assistance sooner rather than later. Read up all you can on what your options are as - I'm presuming here - a non-EU citizen.

Secondly, the language.. Your experience of life here in France will be greatly enhanced if both of you can communicate in French. I'm not saying that you should be word perfect.. but enough to be able to get by..

As you are no doubt aware, accommodation in Paris is expensive.. Think about houses vs flats, renting vs buying.

Finally, you should also look at opening a French bank account. I assume that you're in receipt of a US $ pension - you'll need a mechanism for transferring regular US $ sums from the US to France in euros. There are plenty of online currency traders.   

Best of luck with your move!


Thank you for your reply the house rather then a flat is interesting, will work on checking that out. I have been working on the healthcare issue.
Again thank you.

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