Alert: Green card visa program may be discountinued soon

This news may be discouraging to many new aspirants who want to apply for a danish green card. … apped.html

This is being discussed in the danish parliament. And, it appears that there is consensus from most of the parties (ruling as well as opposition) on scrapping this scheme. I don't know when the greencard visa program will cease to exist. But it may be discontinued sooner than many of us would have expected.

If you plan to apply for green card in near future, BEWARE of this deadly news.


I am sorry for the typo in the subject line. Please read as DISCONTINUED....... and not DISCOUNTINUED..... my fingers were too quick and unfortunately, we don't have an auto spell-check here.

Any tentative time. I have asked for further documentation of proof of stay in Italy within 1 month and I have provided them within a week .they send me to send further documentation after one month I have applied. Now how long they take to decide

I hv alrdy applied fr gcs and waiting fr decision.
I think its better to search fr any alternate it seems.


It has been just one and half month for me so I am optimistic. Furthermore I am in Italy I have completed my masters from here.hope for the best

Hi Bimal,

You may like to follow up with them. Here are the contact details of their office. Remember to call them during their working hours - from 9 am and 3 pm. … umbers.htm


If you have already applied, it shouldn't be a problem for you.
They may stop accepting fresh applications........ after this decision has been officially published to the danish embassies worldwide. They should also update or remove the "green card" visa section from nyidanmark website when the official notice has been released.


So far, the Venstre is unwilling to negotiate

Situation a bit tense right now :unsure . Even present GreenCard holders are not getting extension due to the scheme being scrapped even they fulfil the requirements. … hagen.html

Also they are protesting on Facebook … 010641031/

Hi did it effect who have already applied application or no

There are no signs that those who have already applied will be effected.  :top:
But if they are sending  successfull GreenCard holders to home, i wonder what will happen to those who are waiting decision. It needs just 1 hour of parliment session to modify a scheme :)

Thank you today I called to them and they said your requirements is OK we are waiting Parliament decision but you are eligible still we cannot decide because of tense situation

i guess it wil not take too long for the parliment to decide.

Beemal, can you share the Green Card inquiry number you called.

If the law is adopted by Folketinget (the Parlament) on the 2nd of June, it will include the applications submitted from and including April 5, the day of the bill given in. This is  normal procedure, and the law will come into force the day after being published in the paper, Statstidende.

The background for the bill is among others that 70 % of all green card holders will not find a job or only an odd job (also difficult to find) which leave them no chances to stay in Denmark.

Remember, that it will still be possible for you to come to Denmark for working, but in the future, you will just have to find the job before coming. Actually, something I always recommend you to do anyway as so many applicants will not succeed in making a living here.


Thankyou Nellie, so those (First time Green Card Applications, not for the Extension)  applied before April 5 are safe even if the scheme is totally scrapped by the parliment on 2nd June.



****! Man my application is of March 14 and they said documents are complete today when I called them.does the new rule effect me or not!!

As per my information you are completely safe Beemal.

Good News!
Discontuination of Green Card Scheme will not effect Current Green Card Holders or those who have already applied. The rumours about Current Green Card Applications being not processed or Unfair Extension Rules for Green Card Holders in case of scheme discontinuation are clearing away.

The Proposal at first day of Folketinget is not to end the Green Card Extension but to give extension to those who have some kind of job sponsorship i,e work visa transition through Fast-track scheme, The Pay Limit scheme, The Positive List or Establishment Card.

So successful candidates will still be able to get an Extension in futute by transitioning into other work visa schemes even if the Green Card scheme is discontinued.

Bro what about us who are waiting decision!! Please let us know

Beemal bro, our applications will be processed it seems.

Beemal and Quereshi,
I wish you good luck with your applications, and I hope that you get your green cards.

As Nellie already mentioned, you must weigh your choices carefully. Having a green card and coming to Denmark doesn't guarantee a job. Statistically, more than two-thirds of all the green card holders don't have any job.

So, whether coming to Denmark is a wise move or not, you must give it a serious thought.


Thank you sir!! If I get also I would think and consult with good people like you before I move on!!

Thankyou Jaypnarayan. As Beemal pointed, we newcomers need to learn a lot of things from experienced people like you and Nellie Berg before making important decisions.

I appreciate you and Nellie Berg for your efforts of keeping others informed.  :up:

Some people are giving information that we will not be even able to get green cards even we have already applied and they even did not refund our money!!

Parliament’s recent law proposal to abolish the Green Card Scheme has been ammended,

Green Card Holders can now apply for Extension until 10 June 2018.

What about for us who have applied after Jan 2016.Did they give us or cancel our visa??

As the scheme is still in effect after the parliment session, i guess the current cases will be processed as per routine.

As Jaypnarayan suggested earlier, if the scheme is to come to hault, first they will inform all the embassies to stop accepting further applications and will change the related content on nyi website.


Here is some latest news about the recent demonstration in Copenhagen regarding revision of rules for green card. (Very well summarized) … fight.html

Let us wait for next couple of days (til 2nd June) to hear the final update from the Parliament.


Today finally the Law L169 was passed in Parliament which sets 9th of June 2016 as last day for new applicants, and all greencard holders may stay with any timelimit set and have the right to family reunification and application for permanent residence.

Danish Parliamentary system has shown that listens to to the voice of public :top:

Summary of Law L169, … nt-holders

Hi all,

Did anyone get GC in the month of Apr or May??

Hi, Please accept my apology for a question from out of blue. I am new to this forum and wondering about educational assessment. To apply from Bangladesh, do I need to send my original certificates to the authority?

Hi Mushfiq,

you need to show the originals to vfs or embassy alongwith copies, they will then sign the copies after seeing originals and return the originals back to you. call the embassy or vfs for further information.

Thanks brother

The Greencard scheme

The Greencard Scheme has been repealed with effect from 10 June 2016.

Applications for a residence permit under the Greencard Scheme submitted before 10 June 2016 will be processed.

If you are a greencard holder who has been granted a residence permit based on an application submitted before 10 June 2016, you can be granted an extension of your residence permit if you fulfil the requirements for an extension.

Accompanying family members to Greencard holders can also apply for a residence permit and extension of their residence permit. This applies whether the accompanying family member submits the application before or after 10 June 2016.

My Greencard Timeline,

Applied on 19th Feb 2016.
Payment status changed to "Not payable or payment received" on 31st May.
Embassy Call on 5th June.
Visa stamped on 6th June.

Cngrts bro &
All the best..

When u r leaving?

Do u hv any job offer?

Thanks bro,
just landed in Copenhagen. No, i havnt secured job offer yet.

All the best to you.

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