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I have received further documentation of my stay permit in Italy 10 days ago from DIS  and I have sended them.I have completed masters degree from Italy and I have TOEFL IBT of 79 plus I have been in Italy from September 27 2013. I have applied and give interview in March 16 from my home country in 16 March long they may take. 110 point is sure as per my calculation from nyi plus I have master degree in economics and professional bachelor degree in computer engineering from my home country.let me know please

Hello Bimal,
I don't know what kind of interview you had appeared in your home country.

I am sorry to say this, but the danish government is considering to abolish this green card scheme. It is being discussed in parliament. I don't know when they plan to abolish this visa. … apped.html

If your application is in process, you shouln't worry. But for new aspirants, it definitely raises a question mark.


Dear Sir,
Thanks before submitting original documents we need to appear for interview at our embassy in Nepal. Just few week back they ask me  to provide documentation of my stay in Italy during my studentship which I provided them.Right now I am in Italy Sir with valid work permit till July 2017. I need to know the tentative time frame.
Thank you dir

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