Looking for info on inporting merchandise for business

Hello everyone,

My husband and I are doing research for opening a business in Morocco. I've read the article posted here on expat as well as checked out the links attached to it. A lot of the information was quite useful for once you're at the point of getting registered and opening your doors. I however couldn't find much on the cost and rules and regulations of importing merchandise to open a small shop. Does anyone have any idea where I can look for this information? I'd prefer an English website so I can read it myself but my husband can read Arabic or French.

Hello UmmYasmeen,

Regulations and costs for importing goods depend on the category or type of products or articles you intend to import, there are detailed information on the Moroccan customs website and you have to go through regsitering a company first before being able to proceed with the customs authorities. So the information you have got till now is useful to start with :)

Thank you so much for your reply. I'll be checking out the customs website today inshallah. We'll be travelling to Morocco for Eid al Fitr so I hope to be equipped with as much information beforehand in order to move into the phase of looking for possible properties for our shop.

Good luck.

Indeed the premises is an important point, do you have any preferred area yet?

We'd ideally like to be close to my inlaws but we also want to have the best chance at a successful business. So we're looking at Rabat though we haven't narrowed down a specific area of the city yet.

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