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Hola Expat's

My name is John and I have moved to Republica Dominicana already and wish to make a new life here. I know quite a bit about the country already, the do's and don'ts etc! What I am hoping to do now in find descent employment here as I have many years of experience in retail sales and senior management with a large North American retailer and World Leader in Home Improvement. Any advice or Expat's looking for an experienced manager please feel free to reach out to me. I would really appreciate some advice and assistance with my next steps here in the DR.

Greatly Appreciated

Welcome to the forums.  So where are you in the country?   Do you have your cedula?  IF not have you applied for residencia?  How is your Spanish?

Jobs are hard to come by and almost impossible without your local ID.

Retail sales management does not pay well here,  sorry to say.  Like most jobs, the salaries are quite low.

They are building in the new Blue Mall Punta Cana planning on being complete by September 2016 in time for Christmas, I just got back and its huge with high end stores and a food court that seats over 1000 people. Plus El Corcito/Bavaro about 15 min from that mall the Broker from REMAX is building a beautiful boutique mall called the Bavaro Tropical Mall (google it) it is to be finished next Fall 2017. I would imagine lots of retail jobs will be avail. I am sure if you researched you know you won't be getting a great salary but as long as you are aware of it. Some people are okay with that and have other income to supplement there lifestyle.

John welcome.

Planner is right "good" jobs are hard to find and you will need your residency and cedula  to get most quality jobs. 

The pay scale is also quite low and not what you are used to.

Where in the DR have you settled?


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