How to receive UK TV in Antalya

Hi I live in Antalya and want to know if there is anyway to receive UK TV

filmon has packages, you can see just about whatever you want :)

You may want to check with TurkSat, DigiTurk or D-Smart for the satellite services that they have to offer.


It depends how you are receiving your broadcast.
1-Via your own satellite antenna  📡  Fta '' Free to Air'' by your own receiver or?
2-Are you subscribing to some of Turkish buket like Digiturk or the rest.
So ;
1-Satellite tunning guy can fix it by satellite positioning etc. But you can only get Fta broadcasting no encrypted channels.
2-If you using buket broadcasting you got some UK channels but basics one kinda Bbc world Bbc news.
A great satellite setting person can do that.
I hope to be useful cheers.

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