Young expats Pattaya

Hi everyone I am 22 years old and have just landed in Thailand to teach, I initially was meant to be based in nonthaburi but my school have let me down with acomdation so I have been based in Bangkok for a week staying in hostel to hostel.

I have recently been offered a job in Pattaya and am curious if there is an expat community of people around my age? Just to be clear I am not interested at all in the sex industry so am hesitant to make the move, I am just interested in meeting similar people to hang out with and party with at times.

Hello Josephsullens and welcome on board

I invite you to subscribe to the networking in pattaya section of the site to be notified whenever there are members who wish to meet up :top:


Hi Joseph,

I am currious to hear if you did make the move to Pattaya.
Like you, I am a young (24) man who will soon be moving to Pattaya for a job opportunity with no interest whatsoever in Pattaya's shady businesses. I am looking for a young group of expats to hang out with in my spare time.

Please let me know if you made the move and maybe we can get in touch.


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